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If you need to Upgrade to the latest Wavewin version click on the proper Wavewin link below. If you are not a registered Wavewin user please browse this site for details on the Wavewin software and our available services, or contact us for further information. We'll be delighted to discuss your requirements. We are pleased to announce the release of the "Wavewin H" series.

We are excited to announce the release of the new Wavewin Ribbon. Each download page has the Menu based application and the new Ribbon application. Please download and let us know your feedback. The Wavewin Ribbon Latest Features document describes the new Ribbon menu system and some added features.

Wavewin Full Version
A Common Platform for Data Collection, File Management and Advanced Analysis.
Version #: H.P.12   
Date: 04/04/2022   

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Wavewin Universal Viewer
A Universal Digital Records Management and Advanced Analysis System
Version #: H.P.12   
Date: 04/04/2022   

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Wavewin COMTRADE Viewer
A COMTRADE File Management and Advanced Analysis System.
Version #: H.P.12   
Date: 04/04/2022   

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Comtrade File Collector
The application is designed specifically for the download and renaming of COMTRADE records.
Version #: 3.1.2   
Date: 10/13/2021   

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COM Conformity Check
An Application Designed to Detect Format Errors in COMTRADE Records, COMTRADE-Synchrophasor records, and COMNAME Filenames.
Version #: 2.7   
Date: 09/16/2021   

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Click on the link above to view a course description for each class offered and to request a training class.


Thank you to everyone who renewed their annual Wavewin maintenance license for 2022. Use the link above to upgrade your Wavewin software, or to view a list of the latest additions and changes.


Information on the 2022 User Group Meeting will be posted shortly.

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